Welcome to Sunala Limited

Since 1998, Sunala has been in the forefront of printing technology for coding & marking in the Pharmaceutical, Food & Healthcare industries. As the first international distributor of Wolke thermal inkjet printers, and partner of Videojet International we have played a major part in establishing this technology worldwide for clean, economical and environmentally friendly coding of high-resolution data onto items such as pharmaceutical packaging, medical devices, cereal, biscuit, pizza & ready meal packaging, and other specialised applications such as web and foil printing.

With the advent of anti-counterfeiting measures for drugs around the world, Sunala have been in the forefront in developing technology for printing serialised data onto pharmaceutical packaging around the world for Track & Trace requirements. Our printers can be seamlessly integrated with most types of packaging machinery for maximum efficiency.

Our sister company, Travtec Group have the design & engineering capability to satisfy any coding requirement, whether a simple on-line installation or complex purpose-designed stand-alone machinery for automated applications.

Our Travtec products can be found at this link www.travtec.co.uk