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    The Travtec Group have supplied into the Food and Drink industry for over 3 decades. Our machines have proven themselves time and again and our customers come back to us year after year

    Travtec Group in Food and Drink

    The bottle of wine and beer enjoyed by us all will have the familiar wraparound labels, or the cartons or boxes of products we consume on a daily basis may have the tamper evident label we look for as reassurance .. our comprehensive range of labelling solutions is used widely across the industry

    Whenever a box of cereal is opened there is a good possibility that the expiry date and batch number have been printed using Travtec systems. Our vast experience integrating inkjet technology, has put us at the forefront of clean, environmentally friendly product handling solutions in the food industries

    The industry standards require Barcodes, Batch ID’s, expiry and sales dates, item labels and Product Identification numbers and we can offer the solution to all these requirements.

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    Check out the whole range of our conveyor accessories and labelling products to see how we can help you to maximise efficiencies within your production environment. Our many years of experience ensure we give you the guidance you are looking for, offering simple, cost effective solutions for all.

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